Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can we keep our guns?


From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 20, 2006
I. With Spanish being institutionalized can the United States avoid becoming Balkanized?

Folks, as a nation I ask, where is our wisdom? Where is our long term survival instinct as a nation? Where are the men and women that will put long term survival of our nation above all else? Where are those that will sacrifice their life, career, and all else for the long term survival of their nation?

It may already be too late to get the support to make English the official national language. A unified United States must have only one official language, otherwise long term there will be no United States of America. With all of our different races and cultures, long term it will be impossible to keep this nation as one unit without one official language. Sure, I understand politics, but, my God! Don't we care about the long term survival of our great nation?

Even in India after the British made English the official national language the Indians themselves said it was a good thing. It unified the nation by allowing all of the different provinces with different dialects to have one common official language. If anyone disagrees with what I'm pleading, then it may already be too late, what a pity. Prosperity is always a good thing, but our welfare state has created masses of dependents with soft shallow mindsets.

However, I'm telling you, around the world I'm sure other powers that think long term are taking notice and also harboring secret fears. They know this great North American giant is the most powerful military and economical force on earth. They know that great mighty power and being soft and shallow don't mix and can be very, very dangerous.

They also know that you can't keep great power being soft and shallow but only so long. And, a great nation losing power can be compared to an injured wild beast, one of the most dangerous things there is. Believe me, in this country this type of thinking never crosses most people's mind, but that is not necessarily true around the world. If you don't think this nation is soft and shallow, just take a look at the idolizing of movie stars, entertainers, sport figures, and others.

More people voted for a TV program than a single presidential candidate. I'm telling you, when real hard times hit this country, which won't be very long unless changes are made, soft shallow undisciplined government dependents are not going to sit still and play fair. Once they get hungry, it's going to be what's yours is mine instead of trying to get their own and it's going to be total chaos. May God bless and keep this great nation strong always.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 16, 2006
I. Can we keep our guns?

No matter how bleak it may seem for the United States to survive as a free country, there is a last defense still in place. No matter how all powerful our welfare state have become it is still not the sole authority in this country, yet. The people don't seem to know it, but, for the time being they still have the power to take this big government welfare state back down to size.

In pre "New deal" days before the creation of this welfare state, proud independent Americans would never have stood for this illegal immigration nonsense, or the destruction of our moral and family values. For years I have preached "Wake up America" and nobody even stirred, but now, the illegal immigration invasion has finally gotten the American people’s attention, and it gives me great hope. This is a problem that's not going to go away, and it shouldn't.

It's going to cause a lot of politicians to have to s... or get off the pot. It is so sad; the news media considered the first line of defense for protecting our freedom has almost become a deadly enemy because of poor and shallow judgment. And, in my view is a lost cause to help save this great country. Most don't know what it means to count your blessing and be thankful. Most have become negative whiners and fault finders.

They don't have the wisdom to know this is not a perfect world and we are not a perfect people, and will never be. They don't know there are times when you should let sleeping dog lie. To always carp and harp on the negative can be counter productive and can lead to failure and serves no useful purpose for the country or anyone.

The liberal media is shallow like most teenagers that think they instantly have all of the answers to all of the world's problems. And adults are really behind the times and don't know what's going on. But, when that same individual looks back thirty years later he will realize that he actually knew very little about anything that mattered in life. Strong high moral people never dwell on the negative, they always stay positive accept responsibility move on and get thing done.

We all have skeletons in the closet, but know it would be dumb and stupid to tell someone we know would use it to destroy us. So, look at the big picture, why should it be any different for the whole country? The reason for this insane self-centeredness began with the "New deal." This welfare state has made a great many American shallow and unaware because of hardly any real life or death struggles to survive, thereby creating masses upon masses of modern day Americans with weak survival instincts.

People have been badly injured and almost died, yet, said they were glad it happened because it opened their eyes and made them aware of things right before them that they could not see. I'm telling you, if you have never had to truly struggle to survive, you don't know what it really takes. Imaging something is never the same as living it in a life or death struggle. Thank God we the citizens still have the right to vote.

Make no mistake about it, the last defense that keeps this welfare state from trying to seize absolute power is the second amendment, the country is definite ripe for plucking, except for an armed populace. If not for an armed populace we would be like much of Western Europe, well into full socialism. There is no doubt this welfare state would have already made health care a one payer system.

Even as it is, they tried a few years ago to ram one down our throats, fortunately it backfired. So, never for one moment think that full socialism is not the goal of the progressive liberals. Sure, the masses of dependents getting local, state, and federal government checks and other subsidies are mad and upset about all of these illegal immigrants. But, the government knows it has little to fear except their split vote.

Knowing this, our super provider government will toss out a bone or two to pacify the masses, but nothing will really change. If I have to say it a million times, I'm telling you; unless our big government welfare state is dismantled our days as a free people are numbered. Besides, at some point soon this welfare state is going to find a way to get around the 2nd amendment just to join this insane global community nonsense. You mark my word.Lord I ask in your name, save the United States of America.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 07, 2006
I. Cold Raw Economics 101?

I Hear all of this feel good talk going on about a booming economy. With the powers that be that may be true, but, the general public is not buying any of it, that is because more and more on a daily basis they are experiencing the dwindling buying power of the dollar. Well, who appointed me an authority on the economy? No one and I am not an economist.

But, if no one else believes it, I believe I have the exceptional wisdom, perspective, and common sense to bore straight to the heart and core of most matters. I don't know the technical rules or theories on how an economy should function, so I'm not bound by what not to do or anything else except my own raw wisdom and judgment. I Believe there are too many variables involved in an economy to rely too much on intelligence.

I believe time and history have produced a reliable tried and true ideology that is fail proof. That ideology is "Let the free market place work with unhindered competition." Now, if anybody thinks we have a completely free market place, I have some swamp land I'll sell you or give you a discount on the Brooklyn Bridge. Number one is you can't have a completely free market place with government heavily involved in it.

The government’s job is supposed to be to collect taxes and protect the country from internal and external enemies, period. That is because governments operate on power not supply and demand. The more government involvement the less of a free market place you will have. Almost everyone thinks that with the way the poor are suffering that they can't survive without government help, wrong. Almost everyone thinks that someone with great wisdom like me doesn’t care about the poor and lacks compassion, they are dead wrong.

Through a life time of deep mental struggle and suffering I am a survival and have been honed instinctively on what it takes to survival against overwhelming odds. I'm not about being popular, being liked or disliked, or about fame and fortune, I'm about this great nation still left standing for my great grand children and future generations. Enough about me, I think it is self serving but it's something I just needed to say.

It may not seem like it, but, if the government had stayed with only providing community kitchen and community shelters, then the poor would be forced to depend on the extended family, the church, and social organizations. That would give the poor the power with their numbers to dictate prices down to their level and they would be far better off today. But, as it is this global economy is going to collapse, it’s just a matter of time before we lose it all with the course we are on.

Sure, in the beginning the government helping the poor seemed like a good thing and still does to the poor and general public. However, government helping the poor and filling the role of sugar-daddy provider have destroyed our free marketplace. It has destroyed our culture. It has destroyed our family and moral values. It has destroyed our proud independent frontier like spirit. It has destroyed our manufacturing base.

It has destroyed our ability to barter to survive if the economy collapses and on and on. In terms of raw survival we are just about done. Still, we have the liberal media and the powers that be fiddling when we should be dismantling this welfare state to save our culture and ability to survive. But, I understand, I'm seen as a kook and is not taken seriously. Still, I hope someone will hear my stress calls to the wise.

I believe an economy is first about power and incentive. In a free country that allows unhindered incentive and competition the economy can produce far more than enough food to feed all of its citizens. Whereas, in countries that are not free and chokes off incentives it can't even feed its own people. Why be productive and work extra hard when someone doing far less receives the same reward.

That is the reason socialism will never work and will always eventually make everyone equally poor except a privileged few. Sure, our U.S. economy is booming, but the general public sees the hand writing on the wall and instinctively knows we are on a course toward disaster.

Everyday they see the illegal immigration invasion, the destruction of our culture, the destruction of the traditional nuclear family, the destruction of our family and moral values, the loss of our jobs and manufacturing base, and on and on.

They know with no official national language we are well on our way to becoming Balkanized. We must put out the fire when it's small or we will lose our home, but the problem is, big liberal media can't see a threat until our home will be totally engulfed in flame. I'll guarantee you you will never do official business in France other than using the French language. So, please don't tell me to shut up and be happy, the economy is just fine.

In perspective terms this big government welfare state economy is not out there operating all alone it is tied to human nature and is the cause of every social and moral ill we have today. We cannot survive very much longer as a free country or if at all, unless this big government welfare state grip on the neck of the economy is broken. There is very little lasting enjoyment of love or anything without discipline.

The reason why a free market place with competition is so superior and successful is because of its built in discipline. If you take away hunger and a survival need you take away the discipline to motivate a great many people, our welfare state has done that. I hear some pundits in denial claiming that American will do tough farm work if you get the wages up to a living wage.

Bull, at twenty dollars an hour most wouldn't stay very long doing hard tough work out in the scorching heat because with this welfare state there is no real survival price to pay for lack of motivation. God knows I've tried to view the situation a thousand different ways. But, I can't see any way for the United States or Western Europe to survive much longer as free countries unless the welfare state is dismantled. History is my guide and the future will prove me right as by the fall of the Roman Empire.

However, we are far worse off than the Romans because they didn't have a welfare state. In their case it was mostly the rich and well to do that were morally bankrupt. Whereas, our welfare state has made even the poorest of the poor morally bankrupt with masses upon masses with very little sense of self-responsibility or self-accountability. The African American community has been devastated.

We have almost a quarter of grand mothers having to raise their grand kids. We have approaching eighty percent of all black babies being born out of wedlock. With just twelve percent of the population black women make up nearly sixty percent of new AID cases. With just twelve percent of the population black males make up eighty percent of some prison populations. Still, we have more churches than we've ever had, it seems like there is a church on almost every corner.

Still, all I hear is feel good talk, talk, talk, and no answers with any bite or teeth. "Faith without action is wasted." "Those who live and depend on hope die fasting." "God helps those who first help themselves." The African American community is the canary in the mine and I believe this even if no one else does, that the choices are, dismantle the welfare state and survive or keep embracing it and go down with it.

The fact is there is very little of what it takes for a nation to survive through hard times left anyway. The culture is shot all to hell. Our family and moral values are what come out of Hollywood and a strong masculinity nuclear family is seen as a buck tooth red headed step child. And, as for a last hope to survive through bartering, very few people know how to plant let alone have a garden.

Even if you have a garden it will take ten shotguns to protect it when hard times hit. All of these uninformed people that can't wait to "high tail it" out Iraq don't know or don't care that sixty percent of our ability to eat is based on keeping that whole region secure. Almost everything that keeps us alive is trucked long distance and those trucks don't run on air, they run on fuel made from oil.

I'm tired folks; I'm tired of preaching about the same thing, I'm tired of trying to educate the people, which the media should be doing. I know no one is listening, but if I can get through to just one thick scull, I guess it will be worth it. May God bless and keep the great United States Of America Always.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans Dec. 20, 2005
I. Is America headed toward a dictatorship?

As a writer with great wisdom I'm just sitting back watching all of this hoopla going on? I believe this nation is in good safe hands. I'm hearing words like dictator and others banded about. The thing to remember about this is the liberal mentality is basically shallow, superficial, and irresponsible.

If this country ever does fall into a dictatorship it will be when the liberal are in power. I'm not absolutely sure they wouldn't welcome a dictatorship if it would lead to complete socialism and expand this welfare state. On the other hand, in my view the true conservative mentality represents individual accountability and individual responsibility. As long as the conservatives are in power they will do everything in their power to protect this great nation and at the same time safe guard our freedoms.

Even if it means dishing out some tough love in the process. That is because responsible people do what responsible do. Sure, I admit I might be somewhat bias in favor of the conservative position. But, logic is logic. I'm a slave to logic and a respect for the truth means everything to me. I believe it is a waste of time and an exercise in futility to try to reason with anyone that doesn't have any respect for the truth or logic.

I think two of the reasons for my great wisdom are a respect for the truth and an almost complete objectivity even to a fault. You will never convince me of anything if it doesn't make sense, logically. But, if you have logic on your side I'm man enough to agree with you no matter how much I don't want to. In my view the reason this country have deteriorated to the point it is today is because of the liberals and this welfare state they have created.

Still, I love them all because we are all good Americans. It’s just that it is dangerous for them to be in power because of their shallow beliefs. They believe good intentions and doing well with other peoples money is the only answer. The problem with that is, it creates hoards of dependents that are weak and irresponsible. And in the long run causes much, much more misery and pain. And is going to destroy this great nation unless drastic steps are taken.

If you disagree with me and think I'm wrong; you can logically convince me otherwise. But, “Just the facts maam, just the facts."May the grace of God bless and keep this great nation always.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Dec. 14, 2005
I. Why is the general public so ignorant of how and why a free market place works?

I don't know what they are teaching in economic schools today because I'm not sure most economists understand the bartering foundation. Frankly, I don't know why I'm wasting my time writing this article? I'm not going to change any minds. I've already said it all. What else is there to say?

I guess I'm like a hung up broken record that "just keep going and going and going." This "Thing" they call growth or growing the economy is viewed as something good. Myself, I’m not so sure I agree with that. The first thing is, it's a misnomer. They call it growth or growing the economy, but, it is actually inflating or inflating the economy. And that means anybody not getting a raise or making more money than the previous year is going to be left behind.

You can't have inflation without the government screwing up the free market place and forcing prices up by subsiding the poor. If the poor had to turn to the extended family, the church, and community organizations like throughout history it would force prices back down to their level so they could pay out of pocket for their own food and medical cost. And you wouldn't have this insane out of control inflationary spiraling.

My God! Even an idiot should know we can't survive much longer with this rampage inflation. Still, big media is in denial and doesn't have a clue. I hear all of this feel good talk about growth which is actually inflated growth cause by local, state, and the federal government giving annual raises to millions every year. That itself is fueling inflation instead of staying ahead of it. I'm here to tell you I believe its all nonsense.

I believe there is no way we can survive much longer unless government gets the hell out of the provider business and privatize damn near everything. It is all about truth and reality, no amount of feel good talk, denial, or wishful thinking is going to save this great nation. The time for all of that has passed, now, we are near the point of, do what must be done or die. But, the government can't be half in and half out it must get completely out of the provider business to solve the problem.

That also would rebuild and restore the strong nuclear family structure. It would restore strong moral and family values. It would restore an emergency capacity to barter in case of an economical collapse. It would bring illegal immigration to a screeching halt and deliver an almost fatal knock out blow to illegal drugs.

A natural free market place has a built in rebirth cycle. In the distance past it was estimated to be around every seven years. But, some brilliant geniuses decided that they could invent a method to avoid these rebirth cycles and eliminate the painful financial losses that came with them. The flaw in that type of thinking is no one defeats Mother Nature in the long run. I'm here to tell you a rebirth is going to take place whether we like it or not.

Sure, we can do things to delay it, but the longer it is delayed the more severe the consequences will be. That is a fact of life. The down side to avoiding a rebirth at all cost is in order for a business to stay ahead of inflation it must go to extremes to find new markets. That is what has driven our manufacturing industry over sea. If we had taken our bitter medicine years ago all of these backward nations wouldn't be getting their hand on nuclear weapons.

It too late now! The tooth paste is out of the tube and to be frank I'm not absolutely sure western civilization can survive on its present course. A true free market economy is based on need not greed. As just one citizen in the last year I must have gotten enough paper in advertising to displace a small forest. It doesn't take a wizard to realize that this amount of waste across the board cannot be sustained over time.

I'm almost worn out just by getting rid of it. My personal view is the current economical system we have cannot be salvaged. Folks, I only write it the way I see it. A greater crime would be for me to say nothing or do nothing. "Much is expected of those to which much is given." I must keep sounding the alarm even if no one is listening. May God bless and keep this great free nation, always.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr Dec. 16, 2005
I. What is the best discipline tool to use in our public schools?

It is a fact, many kids show up at school ill mannered and nearly out of control. The main things they lack are self-restraint and self-discipline. I think an old tried and true tool needs to be dusted off and put to a lot of use. That old discipline tool is classical music. For some reason in a positive way classical music will break through the toughest rebellion in a harmless way.

It may take a few sessions, but any student in need of discipline should be put in a room and forced to listen to classical music for an hour or more. No one can stay angry and rebellious while listening to classical music.